Prophetic (Sunlight faded blue shadows)
The Walnut - The New Honey Shade
Sima Kim - faded
Ruhe - Organs
Atlantis - The Index
The New Honey Shade - Weaving Spiders Come Not Here
Seductive Plants - Buoyhood & The New Honey Shade Split Cassette
Bluhm - All is Still As They Disappear
Bottle Field - Wildroot by The New Honey Shade
PechaKucha Night Tulsa 02 by Winston - 1
New Lands / Forced Panoramas
matchbook art
Tim Diagram of Maps And Diagrams
Dead Peasants - The New Honey Shade
Karst - Weeping Bend
35mm Print Smears004
mark new honey shade I
Bobcat in the Bathtub
Unknown Antique 12023
water feet
Listening Mirror - The Child Outside (For Hugo)
For Esme - Padang Food Tigers
Karst - Halcyon Drift
Karst - Cyprea
Ozark Dream Cassette Cover
Cotton I
Industrial Microscopy Cover
mark Kuykendall
Atlantis - Pollen Tube
Viscose I x100
Amaranth II
Workers Lament - Golden Pawn
Garden Paths - The New Honey Shade
reel to reel wreath
Ozark Dream Cassette
Flatten - The Doldrums
I Hold One - The Doldrums
Awfully On - The Doldrums
Never Before, Never Again - The New Honey Shade
Tallgrass Sunset
Torn Sky
Industrial Microscopy Cover
Snow Globe Pony