Mark Kuykendall (Born July 7, 1981, Stillwater, Oklahoma) is an Oklahoman artist who immerses himself  in all things to do with audio-visual arts: recording and producing music, mastering and engineering, sound for films and commercials, cover design, collage, installations, and directing videos.

A curator, producer and the owner of the label Unknown Tone Records (UnknownTone.com). Under the guise, The New Honey Shade, he works as a musician and filmmaker. For a growing number of international musical artists (often featured on the mid-western label), Kuykendall created music videos using films curated from his great uncle, Elmer Stoops’, archive of personal vintage footage. Stoops travelled the United States extensively throughout the 1950’s-1970’s, making films on his 16mm camera to create trick photography, slow motion, time lapse, and more, which resulted in rarely seen authentic visuals of lost Americana. Stoops and Kuykendall are just a generation apart, but share a familial sensitivity for capturing subtle, mundane, or overlooked beauty. The music of  so many artists make a natural pairing with these found moments captured in video.

Generally characterized by his production style of melding electronically  manipulated field recordings with dusty attic 16mm & 8mm film. Kuykendall’s hushed vignettes combined with, custom tweaked analog synthesizers, and occasionally his crisp vocals creates this unmistakable collage of soft tones.

Holding an Associates Degree of Science in Audio Engineering from Full Sail University in 2003, Mark returned to his home town Tulsa, OK. Where the sudden death of his mother, Danette Kuykendall, early 2005, lead him back to his home town. He later in 2007 met his wife Lindsey Neal Kuykendall and together they began the label Unknown Tone Records.

Unknown Tone Records is a Midwest label exploring the surreal – avant-garde blended with film noir, as expansive and isolating as the Oklahoma prairie. Run out of Tulsa, Oklahoma since 2011; Their focus is mainly on experimental musical genres and releases, such as ambient, drone, neo-classical, and jazz fusion.


Contact Info:

Watershadow1 [@] gmail.com

UnknownToneRecords [@] gmail.com


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